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EDUR Replacement Pump Gaskets


All EDUR Centrifugal pumps require gaskets for sealing. Shanley Pump and Equipment, Inc. carries a full line of replacement EDUR centrifugal pump gaskets for immediate shipment to your facility.

We carry EDUR Pump gaskets in our Chicago, Il. facility. Pump gaskets come in a variety of standard and exotic materials like rubber, EPDM, Teflon, coated thermal paper all depending upon your application requirements.

If you are unfamiliar with your specific gasket type, give Shanley Pump a call and one of our sales engineers will be glad to assist you in the selection of the optimal replacement OEM or aftermarket pump gasket for performance in your EDUR centrifugal pump.

New EDUR Pump Gaskets

EDUR Replacement Pump Gaskets

EDUR Pump Gaskets

  • EDUR NUB Series Pump Gaskets
  • EDUR LUB Series Pump Gaskets
  • EDUR CB Series Pump Gaskets
  • EDUR BC Series Pump Gaskets
  • EDUR FUB Series Pump Gaskets
  • EDUR CBF Series Pump Gaskets
  • EDUR LBU Series Pump Gaskets
  • EDUR VBU Series Pump Gaskets
  • EDUR SUB Series Pump Gaskets
  • EDUR PBU Series Pump Gaskets
  • EDUR S Series Pump Gaskets

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