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Hilge Stainless Steel Centrifugal Sanitary Pumps

HILGE single and multi-stage sanitary centrifugal pumps in 316 rolled stainless steel provide exceptional solutions for specialized applications and processes in a variety of sanitary pumping fields. Since 1867, Hilge pumps have manufactured in Mainz, Germany to exact specifications and materials. Their popularity and durability is such that ALL German breweries use Hilge pumps for beer manufacturing.

Hilge Pumps are designed to cope with media with unique physical and chemical characteristics. Shanley Pump and Equipment, Inc. has been carrying the Hilge line for many years with an excellent track record of service and reliability. Hilge Pumps are manufactured from the best quality titanium-stabilized, rolled nickel-chrome-molybendium steel material for a lifetime of service. Hilge puts this material through a seven-stage rolling process which is further stiffened in deep-drawing under 500 tons.

This material offers strengths and properties that are unparalleled in the field of sanitary pumps.

The cold-rolled Hilge pump has less surface area to collect foreign debris. Their surface finish is 0.4┬Ám, 240 grit and low ferrite content, ensuring these pumps are ideal for use in the fields of pharmaceutical, food, and brewery manufacturing. If cleanliness and gentle pumping action that will not damage your beverage is your goal, let Hilge centrifugal sanitary beverage pumps in stainless steel be your answer.

The Hilge Adapta® bearing & Sensi-Flow system

Adapta® is an innovative approach to conventional plug-in shaft installations. Through unique modular bearing adapter housing system accommodates a wide range of drive units and pump models. Adapta® is easily installed on all standard and NEMA motors, using only an adapter flange. The Pump shaft is connected to the drive unit with a standard compact flexible coupling.

With a built-in double ball-bearing modular construction, the Adapta® achieves long life and low pump maintenance. Available in a bare shaft foot mount or a space saving vertical design configuration, it ensures optimal drainage of the pump casing through the suction port.

The Sensi-Flow system uses long, hydro-dynamically shaped impeller blades and strategically placed impellers to reduce the velocity gradient and minimize shear normally associated with other pump designs. The pump housing has been designed so that the liquid particles, instead of colliding, are smoothly engaged and the liquid ONLY moves in streamlines.

The Hilge design has been proven in independent studies to yield the lowest shear, resulting in gentle product handling. For more information about the unique Adapta® system, please contact a factory trained Shanley Pump and Equipment representative at 847-439-9200 or email us.

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Portable Hilge Brewery Pumps

The Hilge Portable Multifunction Brewing Pump offers unmatched performance and unequalled reliability when the superior, smooth surface cold-rolled stainless-steel case is combined with its unique "sensi-Flow" design.

The result produces the most gentle handling and totally quiet transfer of all your brewery products. Not only will you receive multifunction portability, but also the total benefits of Hilge Pumps outstanding quality and efficiency for your brewery operation. We carry two unique portable brewery pump systems for immediate shipment which can use Hilge Pumps as their pumping component, The Usher and The Xchange.

If you're interested in adding portable multifunction to your brew pub or micro brewery, then let one of our factory-trained engineers custom match a Hilge Portable Multifunction Sanitary Brewing Pump for your specific application today!

For more information, please feel free to contact us at 847-439-9200 or email us. If you have any questions regarding Hilge sanitary centrifugal pumps, please feel free to contact on of our factory trained engineers by phone at 847-439-9200 or you can email us with any questions you may have.



Hilge NOVALobe Pump

Hilge NOVA Lobe Pump The HILGE NOVAlobe Stainless Steel Hygienic Rotary pump offers reliable and efficientbi-directional pumping operation for high specification pumping tasks from 0.03 to 1.29 litres per revolution at temperatures up to 284°Fup to 232-435 PSI requiring the strictest hygienic design criteria.

Hilge NOVA Lobe Pump Medical Industry PumpingPharmaceutical PumpingBiotechnology PumpingBeverage Industry PumpingSanitary Applications PumpingDairy Industry PumpingFood Processing Pump
  • Medical Industry Pumping
  • Pharmaceutical Pumping
  • Biotechnology Pumping
  • Beverage Industry Pumping
  • Sanitary Applications Pumping
  • Dairy Industry Pumping
  • Food Processing Pump


Hilge Euro-Hygia Pump

Hilge Euro-Hygia Pump The Hilge Euro-Hygia Sanitary Centrifugal Pump is a single stage, end suction pump manufactured in 316Ti Stainless Steel with close-coupled construction for operations from 0-1057 GPM at temperatures up to 302°F up to 331 feet of head.

Hilge Euro-Hygia Pump Brewery Industry PumpingBeverage Industry PumpingPharmaceutical Industry PumpingSanitary Pumping ApplicationsRecirculation Pumping SystemsDairy Processing ApplicationsHot/Cold Water Pumping
  • Brewery Industry Pumping
  • Beverage Industry Pumping
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Pumping
  • Sanitary Pumping Applications
  • Recirculation Pumping Systems
  • Dairy Processing Applications
  • Hot/Cold Water Pumping


Hilge Contra Pump

Hilge Contra Pump The Hilge CONTRA Centrifugal Pump for Hygienic Applications is available in 316L Rolled stainless steel and operates from 0-88 GPM at temperatures up to 284°F up to 328 feet of head.

Hilge Contra Pump Pharmaceutical Industry PumpingBrewery Industry PumpingBeverage Industry PumpingSanitary Applications PumpingClean in Place (CIP) Pumping ApplicationsFiltataion Pumping ApplicationsHot/Cold Water Pumping
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Pumping
  • Brewery Industry Pumping
  • Beverage Industry Pumping
  • Sanitary Applications Pumping
  • Clean in Place (CIP) Pumping Applications
  • Filtration Pumping Applications
  • Hot/Cold Water Pumping


Hilge Durietta Pump

Hilge Durietta Pump The Hilge Durietta Close Coupled CIP and SIP centrifugal pumps are small, single stage pumps in Stainless Steel featuring a close coupled construction with multi stage designs for operations from 0-137 GPM at temperatures up to 302°F up to 246 feet of head.

Hilge Durietta Pump Medical Industry PumpingBiotech PumpingBrewing Industry PumpingPharmaceutical Industry PumpingFood Processing PumpClean In Place Pump ApplicationsDairy Processing Pumping ApplicationsRecirculation Pumping Systems
  • Medical Industry Pumping
  • Biotech Pumping
  • Brewing Industry Pumping
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Pumping
  • Food Processing Pump
  • Clean In Place Pump Applications
  • Dairy Processing Pumping Applications
  • Recirculation Pumping Systems


Hilge Hygiana Pump

Hilge Hygiana Pump The Hilge Hygiana centrifugal pump in 316L stainless steel is a multi-stage, end suction high pressure centrifugal pump that operates from 0-354 GPM at temperatures up to 302°F up to 841 feet of head.

Hilge Hygiana Pump Beverage Industry PumpingBrewing Industry PumpingBiotech Industry PumpingFood Processing Industry PumpingCIP (Clean In Place) Pumping ApplicationsDairy Processing Pumping ApplicationsSanitary Pumping Applications
  • Beverage Industry Pumping
  • Brewing Industry Pumping
  • Biotech Industry Pumping
  • Food Processing Industry Pumping
  • CIP (Clean In Place) Pumping Applications
  • Dairy Processing Pumping Applications
  • Sanitary Pumping Applications


Hilge Maxa Pumps

Hilge Maxa Pump The Hilge Maxa line of single stage end suction centrifugal pumps for the Beverage Industry are manufactured in 316Ti rolled stainless steel for Clean-In-Place pumping applications from 0-546 GPM at temperatures up to 302°F up to 449 feet of head.

Hilge Maxa Pump Beer ManufacturingFiltration Pumping SystemsBeverage Industry PumpingProcess Technology PumpingBrackish Water/Brine Pumping ApplicationsRecirculation Systems Pumping ApplicationsFiltration Systems Pumping
  • Beer Manufacturing
  • Filtration Pumping Systems
  • Beverage Industry Pumping
  • Process Technology Pumping
  • Brackish Water/Brine Pumping Applications
  • Re circulation Systems Pumping Applications
  • Filtration Systems Pumping


Hilge Maxana Pumps

Hilge Maxana Pump The Hilge Maxana single stage end suction centrifugal pumps for the Beverage Industry in 316Ti rolled stainless steel for Clean-In-Place pumping applications from 0-546 GPM at temperatures up to 302°F up to 449 feet of head.

Hilge Maxana Pump Beer PumpingBeverage PumpingFiltration PumpingFood Processing PumpingRecirculation Pumping ApplicationsFiltration Pumping ApplicationsCIP (Clean In Place) Pumping Applications
  • Beer Pumping
  • Beverage Pumping
  • Filtration Pumping
  • Food Processing Pumping
  • Re circulation Pumping Applications
  • Filtration Pumping Applications
  • CIP (Clean In Place) Pumping Applications


Hilge Sipla Pumps

Hilge Sipla Pump The Hilge SIPLA series self-priming centrifugal pump is available in 316 Stainless steel for Clean-In-Place pumping applications from 0-275 GPM at temperatures up to 203°F up to 189 feet of head.

Hilge Sipla Pump Food Processing Industry PumpingCosmetics Industry ManufacturingPharmaceutical Manufacturing Pumping ApplicationsSanitary Pumping ApplicationsDairy Process ApplicationsClean-In_Place (CIP) ApplicationsHot/Cold Water Pumping ApplicationsLiquid-Gas Pumping Applications
  • Food Processing Industry Pumping
  • Cosmetics Industry Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pumping Applications
  • Sanitary Pumping Applications
  • Dairy Process Applications
  • Clean-In-Place (CIP) Applications
  • Hot/Cold Water Pumping Applications
  • Liquid-Gas Pumping Applications


Hilge Pump Carts

Hilge Pump Carts Shanley Pump and Equipment, Inc's has supported the Brewing industry with our knowledge and expertise since 1988 with our portable multifunction brewing pumps. We also carry Hopper Pumps for Mash Removal.

Shanley Portable brewery Carts work excellent in the following applications:

Brewing Industry ApplicationsClean In Place ApplicationsBeverage Manufacturing Pumping ApplicationsClear Fluids Pumping ApplicationsSpent Brewery Grains Mash Transfer
  • Brewing Industry Applications
  • Clean In Place Applications
  • Beverage Manufacturing Pumping Applications
  • Clear Fluids Pumping Applications
  • Spent Brewery Grains Mash Transfer
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New Hilge Pump Parts

Hilge Pump Parts Shanley Pump and Equipment, Inc. stocks a full line of replacement new OEM Hilge Pumps and Pump Parts for immediate shipment from our Chicago Facility. Please contact us today with your pump information to get the parts you need when you need them!

  • Hilge OEM Replacement Pump Bearings
  • Hilge OEM Replacement Pump Flanges
  • Hilge OEM Replacement Pump Gaskets
  • Hilge OEM Replacement Pump Impellers
  • Hilge OEM Replacement Pump Seals
  • Hilge OEM Replacement Pump Shafts
  • Hilge OEM Replacement Pumps

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