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SEIM Screw Flowmeters

Flow Rate

SEIM represents some of the most affordable flow measurement technology currently available in Europe today and is now available in the North America from Shanley Pump and Equipment.

The MPV flow meter is a three-screw design that is an ideal solution for heavy industrial metering applications for high-viscosity liquids and comes in flow ranges from 0.75 to 155 GPM with >0.2% accuracy and with the ability to extend its range up to 230 GPM at >0.5% accuracy with viscosities up to 23,500 SSU at pressures up to 5,800 PSI and nominal operational temperatures from to 23°F to 230°F.

The characteristics of the SEIM MPV Positive Displacement Flow Meter include:

The MPV series of Flow Meters by SEIM offer tremendous advantages for typical applications in services for marine fuel measurement, Oil and Lubricant Flow Measurement and Hydraulic Fluids Flow Measurement.

A SEIM 3-screw flow meter will work in the most difficult environments and unlike other manufacturers meters, will work in confined spaces with no necessary pipe straightening before meter installation, thus reducing installation costs. Let the MPV Series work with your current fuel system instead of against it. The MPV Series is ideal for retrofitting applications.

SEIM flow meters bi-directional reading capability, low cost, high accuracy and durability will help you reduce your ships fuel operating costs and actually pay for itself within several voyages with your accurate readings of fuel being used. Accuracy in fuel measurement can even determine how your engines are operating!

Contact a Shanley Pump and Equipment representative today for more information regarding the MPV series of SEIM 3-Screw Positive Displacement Flow Meters for Marine applications and see for yourself the difference SEIM can make.

SEIM Positive Displacement Screw Flow Meters

Shanley Pump Replacement Pump Parts

Series Flowmeter Type

  • Screw Flow MeterBi-Directional Reading CapabilityHorizontal Mounting CapabilityVertical Mounting Capability
  • Screw Flow Meter
  • Bi-Directional Reading Capability
  • Horizontal Mounting Capability
  • Vertical Mounting Capability

Series Materials

  • 316 Stainless SteelCast Iron
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Cast Iron

Series Industries

  • Marine Flow Measurement ApplicationsHigh-Viscosity Flow MeasurementShipbuilding Flow Measurement ApplicationsOil Flow Measurement
  • Marine Flow Measurement Applications
  • High-Viscosity Flow Measurement
  • Shipbuilding Flow Measurement Applications
  • Oil Flow Measurement

Series Applications

  • Lubrication Systems Flow MeasurementFuel Oil Transfer Flow MeasurementHigh Pressure Flowmeter
  • Lubrication Systems Flow Measurement
  • Fuel Oil Transfer Flow Measurement
  • High Pressure Flowmeter

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