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SEIM PXF Series Screw Pumps


The SEIM PXF series of indoor/outdoor screw pumps is ideal for use in pressure pumping applications of viscous fluids in hydraulic and lubrication systems in both Marine and Industrial applications.

Its solid construction with a mechanical seal will provide years of steady service. Ideal for continuous duty up to 16 bar (232 PSI). The SEIM PXF Series operates at 5 to 400 GPM at a temperature range of 32° to 302° F.

The SEIM POF series Screw Pump is ideal for:

SEIM -PXF Pump Dimensions

SEIM screws pumps are positive displacement volumetric self-priming pumps suited to handle various oils and fluids with a minimum lubricating property. The pumps design and manufacturing quality makes them intrinsically reliable for long service life and efficient in their applications.

For over 30 years SEIM has been supporting the pumping industry with their innovation and expertise in the pumping and handling of oils and other lubricating fluids. Contact a Shanley Pump and Equipment representative today at 847-439-9200.

PXF 032

SEIM PXF 032 Side View SEIM PXF 032 Angled View SEIM PXF 032 Top View

PXF 060

SEIM PXF 060 Angled View SEIM PXF 060 Side View SEIM PXF 060 Top View

PXF 102

SEIM PXF 102 Side View SEIM PXF 102 Angled View SEIM PXF 102 Top View
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Vertical or Horizontal Mount Screw Pumps

SEIM PXF Series Screw Pumps for Viscouls Fluids and Fuel Transfer

SEIM PXF Series Pump Type

  • Screw PumpMechanical SealHorizontal Pump MountingVertical Pump Mounting
  • Screw Pump
  • Mechanical Seal
  • Horizontal Pump Mounting
  • Vertical Pump Mounting

SEIM PXF Series Materials

  • 316 Stainless SteelCast Iron
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Cast Iron

SEIM PXF Series Industries

  • Marine PumpingOils PumpingHigh Viscosity Fluids PumpingPlant Engineering Pumping
  • Marine Pumping
  • Oils Pumping
  • High Viscosity Fluids Pumping
  • Plant Engineering Pumping

SEIM PXF Series Applications

  • Fuel Oil Pumping ApplicationsViscous Fluids Pumping ApplicationsLubrication Systems Pumping Applications
  • Fuel Oil Pumping Applications
  • Viscous Fluids Pumping Applications
  • Lubrication Systems Pumping Applications

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