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Shanley 3LS Three-Rotor Screw Pump

Shanley Pump & Equipment stocks in our inventory our own brand of 3 rotor screw pumps for pumping lubricating fluids reliably, like lube oil, fuel oil, dielectric oil and hydraulic oil. Our high pressure three rotor screw pumps are used for lubrication for industrial applications, like gear boxes, compressors and heavy machinery.

Our pumps are also used for cleaning and filtration for dielectric oil for large transformers, fuel oil pumps for ship engine and burner feed applications and hydraulic fluid for hydraulic power pumping. We offer pumps from our inventory for immediate delivery in cast iron and carbon steel, complete with built in safety relief valves for new pumping installations.

We also stock and offer replacement pumps and spare parts and we have factory trained in house pump mechanics that are available for repairing your pumps. It is important to use a lubrication, fuel oil or hydraulic oil pump that is very rugged and can provide long, trouble free service.

Shanley Pump is a reliable partner for industry with immediate delivery, ready to meet all the pump needs you may have. Contact us for immediate response and service.

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Shanley 3LS Pump


The 3LS Series Pumps are designed for handling lubricating fluids.

Shanley Pumps - Parts and Repair Services by Shanley Pumps and Equipment.

We stock replacement parts and upgrades for the Shanley line of pumps and pump products. From seals and impellers to entirely rebuilt systems.

If you are looking to repair your current pump system or even rebuild your current one, contact us today and ask for one of our factory trained engineers at 847-439-9200.

Shanley Nationwide Distribution network

Map of distributors and factory trained representatives for Shanley Pump & Equipment throughout the continental USA

We have distributors and factory trained representatives throughout the continental USA. If your company requires service or repair, a sales representative is only a phone call away. Contact us today at 847-439-9200 or email us. We look forward to serving you!

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